Thomas Aaron

Dear friend,

Hi, I’m Tom Aaron, and I am an entrepreneur, a traveler and a photographer. The Roaming Wrangler is my blog. But more importantly, it is a travel blog aimed at inspiring you to get out into the world and see what it has to offer.

I have traveled to Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Scotland, Ireland, Italy (the mainland), Sicily (also Italy, unless you ask a Sicilian), Portugal and Norway. I also have traveled most of the United States.

Not only do I love the geographical locations I’ve seen (oceans, islands, deserts and mountains, canyons) and the things I’ve seen (castles, windmills, ancient dwellings and artifacts), but I also love the cultures I’ve encountered; they are so much more outgoing and interesting than you might imagine.

In a nutshell, my wanderlust has brought me to an understanding that the United States is a very young country in a very old world. Discovering this was humbling, and I am drawn to know more about what is out there.

My approach to travel is different than many of the travelers who earn their living in the blogosphere or by running online stores. I’m speaking of the ones who travel light, forsake creature comforts, and live on tiny amounts of money so that they can afford to explore the world.

While I applaud these people for their innovative approach to living, their thriftiness, and their commitment, the spartan lifestyle does not really fit me, I have a wife, three children and three dogs to take care of. I also have a house, two trucks, and maintain a nice RV that I tow around the United States when I am not traveling abroad.This all requires a decent income, and an understanding that all the people who depend on you man not be interested in the spartan lifestyle. So, my road has been a little different.

I actually run a brick-and-mortar service-based business in the United States that (as of the time of this writing) employees seven people. Doing this requires a strong understanding of available technology and a lot of systemic structure within the business. So, part of my blog will be dedicated to life and business on the road — Roaming Wrangler style.

This blog is just starting, but I hope you will join me, grow with me, and be as inspired as I am by the things I discover in my travels.


Tom Aaron

Drifting, Shooting, Speculating